Sunday, July 15, 2012



I'm just a little hapa girl, trying to show the world that sometimes, dreams do come true.

It might come as a shock to some people, but I wasn't always so interested in Japanese culture. As a kid, I saw myself growing up to be a part of the Sea Shepherd crew ― spending my days annoying the Japanese whaling fleet and getting sea sick. (That, or, becoming a well-known American novelist.) Never once did I consider that I would grow up to be an aspiring teacher in my least favorite country!

Despite my tiny 12-year-old stature, I'm actually a college student. I have to work a little harder than most to maintain my grades, and continue self-teaching myself Japanese at the same time. I'm constantly saving money, and looking for work, in order to pay for my dream university's expensive tuition. The work that I can do limits me to art commissions and tutoring basic-intermediate Japanese, so you can imagine how hard it is to find work.

I'm definitely not your average Japanophile. Rather than watching anime or Japanese drama, I'd much rather watch an episode from the Game of Thrones, or perhaps re-watch my favorite movie Avatar for the hundredth time. My favorite type of genre is either historical, or futuristic sci-fi. What I am is a proud, little geeky man at heart. ♡

If you know me well at all, you know that I'm a complete shut-in, a night-owl, and a hopeless workaholic. Friends and family have nicknamed my room "the bat-cave". But, on the rare occasion that I do leave my cave, I'm wild and a little too much in your face. I'm blunt and laid-back.

My life-companion. Her name is "Destroyer of Worlds" Maddie.

Someday soon, I will start my life in Japan. I sincerely hope that I can take you along for the journey through this blog! I want to be inspired by you, just as much as I want to inspire the everyone I can to fight for their dreams. Let's work together and make some dreams come true. ♪

Let's make some dreams come true.


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