Thursday, September 20, 2012

Laziness within the Oregon Coastline


Sometimes I really cannot believe how lazy I am. 
It's been two months since my last post! I am so, so ashamed! This blog has an incredible amount of sentimental value for me, and I'm hardly using it...

This summer has been all about self-discovery for me. I spent too much time in the shoes of someone I'm not entirely proud of, and before I go to Japan - that needs to change. I spent a lot of time sitting and thinking, doodling sketches and using my Japanese as much as possible. Eventually, I think I pushed myself too hard. I discovered that becoming a better, successful person doesn't work with a deadline, or a time limit. These things take time, and can't be pushed. And so, I relaxed and took a nice break. ♥

My family and I took a road trip down to Newport, Oregon! Ice cold beach, baby!
There is a lot of fog in Newport. On some days, it was bright and sunny - but on most days, it's gloomy and cold. I like cold weather though, and the fog makes a good picture!

Oh! I had to ask my dad what these giant lumps of poo were. 
Whoops. I need to start watching the Animal Planet again.

My extremely tired dog chased my mum all over the beach. ♥ Cutest thing ever. 
This pub was one of the highlights of my trip! My dad and I really enjoyed this pub. We went at night, and the atmosphere inside was loud and booming, but very homey. I ate beer-battered cod fish, which did funny things with my head. ♥ I'm still very proud of my heritage. Coming here was absolutely magical.
In highschool, my dream was to move to Ireland and embrace my heritage. I was the go-to Irish girl, for all things Ireland related. I heard stories that my dad was the exact same way when he was younger. His friends used to tell me "damn, you are just like your father". I was so proud, so obsessed. And although things didn't work out the way I wanted, obviously, I'm still very proud. And I'm happy to know that my dad is too.
A few random Oregon "gets", and some omiyage for my friends. I bought the bread, and the alpaca at a Japanese store in Portland. I bought a few other things, but those things are extremely dorky and boring. Not worth a picture. For example, I bought a shark's tooth...

Lastly, one of my favorite pictures!

I took this picture under a ... bush, or a fallen tree. Our hotel was on a cliff, and on the first day - I was looking for a path down to the beach. I mistook a steep dirt trail for the path, and I fell down and slid. I might have slid off the side of the cliff, if not for the roots of whatever this beautiful thing was. It was like being in an evergreen cave, and this picture is the result of me pointing the camera up at the sky. It was so beautiful.

Anyways, I just wanted to post a recap of this amazing trip, and I wanted to thank everyone for sticking with me. ♥ Everyone has been so patient and supportive of me, and I'm really thankful. Now that college is starting again, I will be posting more regularly! I promise. After all, since last I checked, I had 75 page views. And now?

I think I love you creepers. ♥

And now, how was your summer? Comment me some stories down below! ♪

Pssst. I've been working so hard on my "photography" lately. (I have a cheap camera.) For those who had been readers of my old blog―have my pictures improved a little?


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