Thursday, January 31, 2013

久しぶり! Exciting new job!


Hey everyone! It's been four months since my last post ... ouch! 

I really wanted to do a 2013 New Years Resolution post, but so many things happened in January and I literally had no time to do any of the things I wanted to do! I have never, ever, been so busy in my entire life! I am the type of person who needs to take a break, and be alone, every other day. Because of this, I had a mental break down and needed to take some time to figure out how to manage my life again.

That sounds horrible! Why are you so busy? → I got my very first job! ♥

It involves me moving to this campus...

 And it involves me moving into this house...

...where I will be in charge of 12 Japanese female students!

I am so insanely excited about this job, but I am even more nervous about it. I've been stressing out a lot lately, and I am still unsure about how capable I am for this job. This has always been my dream job.

Actually, I first applied for this job in 2011. I've been maintaining extremely strong connections with the school since I was seven years old, and so it seemed natural for me to apply for the job. I was hired, but―several days later―they let me go after seeing my grades ... which were far below their high standards for the university-level positions. Everyone involved was devastated, and I gave up in ever getting this job...

A few days before Christmas, 2012, the director called and said that she wanted me to reapply for the position! Of course, I couldn't say no, but I regretted saying "yes!" the moment I said it. My interview was scheduled for January 11. I really really thought that I wasn't going to get the job, and that this was going to be more embarrassing than the first time. However, I was wrong! Dead wrong! They called me back on January 14th.
                                     Oh, and I got the job!!!

The week after getting this job, I was so shaky! In the mornings, I often lost my balance and fell over. I threw up a lot. This was the point where I had my mental breakdown, but for the most part―that's all behind me now.

So, what kind of job is it? What kind of school is this?
I will be living and working at a Japanese Women's University (abroad campus), on the outskirts of the town I currently live in. Here, I'll be living in a house on campus with twelve female students for several months, as their Resident Assistant (RA). This means that I have to help them adjust to American culture, and help them with their English. I have to counsel them through home sickness and culture shock. I have to advise them if they need help, I have to tour them around the city, and I have to teach them how to get around and stay out of trouble. I also have to provide 4 tutorials a week, from 7PM until 8PM.

Among many other things ...... >____<

There are about 21 RAs during my "session". The houses we live in are huge, and hundreds of years old. Most of the residential houses were originally two separate houses, but were joined as one for the purpose of this school. I will actually be living with another RA and her 10 students. She was assigned to the right side of the house, and I have the left. (She has the kitchen, the TV, and the bigger tutorial room―GRRR―but, I have the laundry room, and most the fireplaces. Let's see who will win this war.)

This is quite a prestigious school, and a lot of the students here are very wealthy. Most of the professors and their families live on campus with us, and we have 24.7 security on campus. It feels like a mini village, because everything we need is here on campus. We have a phone book with the extensions for mechanics, housekeepers, IT guys, cafeteria chef, etc. Our mail can also be delivered here, which I thought was nice. ♥
I can't reveal the name of the school because I want to keep my location private for the meantime, sorry! :(

Tomorrow, I will drive out to the campus and move into my house. So nervous. 
Training/Orientation will also start tomorrow, and will end Saturday afternoon. 

I will pick up my students from the airport on the 6th, and so I've been working on some crafts to liven up the house. Mainly a welcome sign for the airport, and 13 nameplates for our rooms. My friend is making cute bows for everyone, and so I'm going to put those in their rooms as well. I really hope that they like everything!
...... definitely not done yet ......

Bah. I'll get the names of my students tomorrow, so I'll finish the other nameplates on Saturday or Sunday. My boss won't give out the names early,... which is a little odd. Humbug.

Look forward to many, many more posts relating to my new life at this school! This is my very first job, and the very first time I've been away from my parents ... so, naturally, I'm very very nervous. But, as am aspiring teacher, I know how valuable this job is for me. There are sooo many connections at this school, and I know for a fact that Japanese companies go cray cray for people involved with this university. This is my chance!
If I do well, my possibilities and opportunities in Japan are absolute, and endless.

Oh! Look forward to several posts involving...
House Tour Video / Campus Tour Video
Late Christmas Presents
New → Japanese Learning Forum ← Information
New Series: "Home Alone"―living alone for the first time.

So nervous. So excited.


Wow!!! I only knew that you were going to start this kind of job from the forums, but I mean, this is definitely.. SOMETHING that will allow you to further develop yourself as a person, and develop others, through true human being interaction, which is really important! Damn, I am so proud of you even though I hardly know you xD

The house just looks soooo awesome! I mean, it definitely looks like the kind of place I get to see in those weird dreams that are weird because of how much they look like.. well, sights into the future! And if you are like me, get all jumpy from that feeling of adventure that starts growing and growing innerly and love like, long walks or something, that place looks likt lotsa fun! ^^

All the best for you, this definitely sounds like one of those opportunities that stay for life and have the role has a small yet vital puzzle piece, that will cause all the upcoming pieces to make sense ^Ô^

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