Meet Anna―though perhaps better known as "Little Gaijin" online.

Anna is a Washington-based freelance artist, writer, and local university student, currently en route to obtaining a degree in Cultural Anthropology. Anna currently works as an Archaeological Technician at a local cultural resource facility/lab, where she handles archaeological survey, laboratory analysis, editing and collaborating reports for contract work. On her days off, Anna loves to hike, travel, and go camping with friends.

Anna is an active member of AWA (Association for Washington Archaeology) and regularly participates in local events, northwest conferences, and community outreach projects. Anna plans to pursue archaeology in grad school. Among her many interests include lithic/debitage analysis, ethnoarchaeology, and the Ainu of Hokkaido, Japan.

Anna is bilingual, having spent the last 15+ years learning Japanese. On October 6, 2013, she founded and launched a site called Gaiwa together with her friends in order to provide an online community for Japanese learners around the globe. Through working on the site, she functioned as a writer, web designer, head administrator, and managed a small team of moderators located within 3 different countries. In late 2014, Anna received the opportunity to move to Tokyo, where she lived and studied at Temple University (TUJ) for about 2 years.

On the side, Anna occasionally works online as a commission-based freelance artist. She likes to balance art with creative writing (scifi) and video games (also scifi). Her love for science fiction cannot be quenched.