• Why -Gaijin? What does it mean?
The word "gaijin" (外人) means "foreigner" in Japanese. My dad actually suggested the name "LittleGaijin" back when I was a slightly more dedicated blogger in high school. A lot of people seem to think I chose the name because of popular baka gaijin memes, but nope!

I spent most my childhood abroad in the pacific and in Micronesia because of my dad's job, and the locals there would always label us as outsiders or haoles. The identity of a "foreigner" has always been something that I never fully managed to shake off. And you know what? That's okay!

  • ​You look mixed. What’s your ethnicity?
I’m half Filipino, half Irish-American.

  • Where do you live?
Back in rainy Washington, but prior to that I was living in Tokyo for school. I lived in Japan for two years!

  • I heard you left Temple University Japan (TUJ). What happened? Why did you leave?
It's a very long story. Someday I plan on sharing it in full detail (possibly on Youtube) but ultimately: that school was just not a good fit for me. I had one too many negative experiences with the school's administration and student body, so when my health started deteriorating while abroad―I had enough and came home. I'm now at a much better university that I really love! And I'm much healthier!

  • How long have you been studying Japanese?
I've been studying Japanese formally and informally since 2006. It began when I lived in Hawaii because my parents encouraged me to take Japanese classes at school. I dropped it after middle school, but I picked it up again during my junior year of high school (2010 I think). Since then, I have taken over 15 courses in the language, 11 being at the collegiate level. It's been a long ride!

Art-related Questions

  • What programs do you use for your digital art?
Mainly PaintTool SAI and then Photoshop Elements 6.0 for filtering and clean up.

  • ​What kind of tablet do you use?
​Wacom “Intuos” model CTH-480.

  • Do you take commissions/art trades/requests?
​I do, but it depends on how busy I am. Please feel free to send me a message about commissions or art trades, but I rarely take requests. Sorry!

  • Why do you love koalas so much?
They look like real-life ewoks! What's not to love?!